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Counseling Services Offered

Counseling Services

Guidance Curriculum and Lessons

I  provide guidance in a systematic way for all students through classroom lessons. Guidance lessons are developmental and preventive in nature, aimed at supporting the healthy growth of all students through learning in the educational, personal/social and career awareness areas. Lessons are created from a variety of Character Education Curriculum, including but not limited to: Steps to Respect, Social Thinking, Second Step, Adventures in PeaceMaking, The Bully Free Classroom, etc.

Responsive Services

I am available to  address the immediate needs and concerns of those in our school community.  These services are available to students through individual and small group support and to parents and staff through consultation and referral.

Individual Student Planning

 I am available to create school based action plans to monitor various behaviors that occur on a daily basis.  I will then assist students with monitoring and understanding their own development.

System Support

As the counselor, I lead the S.T.A.T (Student Teacher Assistance Team) at Fall City Elementary School.  I establish and maintain relationships with all staff to support the total guidance program.