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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off Procedures

Car Drop-Off

If students are being driven to school by a grown up, they need to access the school using the designated car drop-off area at the front of the building.  

  • Parents should not stop their cars in the middle of the street and have their kids jump out.  
  • Parents should not use the gravel area by the portables to pull in and park. Those areas need to be free of cars to keep walkers safe. Having cars pull in and out of that area - an area that is between two crosswalks - from both directions is dangerous. 
  • Please do not park at the Fall City Library and walk to school. This is private property and for library patrons only. If you drive to Fall City, you must use the drop-off/pick-up area in the front of the school.

Walking Drop-Off

If you live locally and are dropping your student off by foot, please use the designated crosswalks to drop your child off at the main entrance of the school.

Walking students may enter the building by the bus lane. They must follow the sidewalk and not cross into the lane. The bus lane is a student-only area. Parents may not accompany their child in this area.

End of Day Pick Up Procedures

Due to the safety concerns of our students, we have updated our dismissal procedures.


We have relocated our Walking Pick-Up area from the end of the bus chute to the grass area in front of the historical gym building. This is to ensure the utmost safety of our students. This area is only available to our families who live nearby and do not require a car for pick up.

Please do not drive to Fall City, park at the library and walk to school. Parking at the library is for patrons only.

If you are walking west on SE 42nd Street toward the school, please do not walk in the bus pick-up area. Only use the manned crosswalks on the corner of 332nd and 42nd, and across 42nd by the gym building.


As you approach the Car Pick-Up zone in front of the school, have your right back door unlocked, so that your student can enter the car easily. You may not exit your car in this area to help your child. If your child needs help, pull forward to the very front of the pick-up lane before assisting them. This will help with the flow of traffic.


This area is for SVSD staff and FCES students only.

Parents walking to/from the Walking PickUp Area must cross the street in the manned crossing by the gym building to avoid this area. This is to ensure our buses can load and depart safely.

Thank you for helping us help you.